Then Came Agnes

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Anyone who knows me knows I am a major movie fan. I love movies of all type (well, honestly I prefer more macho movies over girly, romantic movies: BOORING) but particularly love watching children's movies with my kids. A lot of cartoon movies have great, clean, humor and I eat it up. Besides all of that it seems that God almost always chooses to speak to me about something in a child's movie. Rise of the Guardians is a great example and one of the greatest spirit filled movies I've seen. (I will write on that movie later).

For Christmas my girls received the movie Despicable Me II. Secretly I bought it because I haven't seen it yet and I was itching to watch it. The movie gets ten stars from me and my family. It's a sequel of course to the first one and outlines Gru's new life as a dad and also his journey in finding a mate and mom for his girls. This is another post all in itself but we could learn a lot about parenting from Gru!


This past week sickness ran it's course through our home. It started with Joseph last week, then me, and finally sweet Sophia. She took it the hardest and for two days (Wednesday thru Friday) we watched this same movie a thousand times. I never bore of it, because it's that funny. 

One scene kept replaying over and over in my heart though. There is a scene where Gru finds out that his possible future wife is being moved to Australia. His once earlier joy and demeanor turned to sorrow as he walked back and it began to rain. He sat out on the porch and just, wallowed.

Then came Agnes. 

You see Agnes is not an elder of the church. Agnes is not a teenager. Agnes is not a preacher or a counselor or someone you would call right away when a situation arises that causes you pain. Agnes is just a child. She's small. She's uneducated. She's little.

But she came. 

When Gru turned around after hearing his front door opened he saw this scene. He saw little Agnes holding a large umbrella. She was there to help. In any way that she could. Even if it meant getting a little wet or carrying this umbrella that was three times her size. She wanted to be there for Gru and to let him know that despite the circumstances of life, she would be there to help cover him with that umbrella.

Have you ever felt like Gru? So sad or depressed that you just wallowed in the rain? Have you met your Agnes? We all need one. We all need one to come out and carry that umbrella. Christ is like Agnes. He carried that umbrella and He gives us the help and the chance to carry it for others. Are you?

Gru's face changed. He has a some what puzzled, bewildered, yet comforted look on his face. A small little child is coming to cover me. Is coming to encourage me. 

Let me tell you, friends, your part in the Kingdom of God is never, ever, too small. Agnes had confidence in her role as Gru's child and she knew that even if she got wet, or if Gru was already wet (which he was) she couldn't bare to see him get wet any longer. So she went to him.

Gru took that umbrella and held it. They sat together and while their conversation wasn't deep or religious, it was exactly what Gru needed to hear to push him forward. 

We all need to be like Agnes. We all need an Agnes. 

Be Blessed, 


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