Arrived Challenge : Day Three

Friday, August 14, 2015

Scripture Reading:

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

Devotional Content:

Today is not drawn out. A simple story that can change a perspective.

For a long time growing up I watched all things law involved. Law and Order, CSI, Forensic Files; if it had the law involved, name it I was there. I loved it. I loved trying to figure out the criminal mind and hearing the crazy stories from criminals and FBI profilers. I even used to spend hours reading the crime library. 

This prompted my desire to go to law school and become an attorney. For years this was my goal; my dream. I even did Teen Court and was a defense attorney for the program; after a while I was requested by name. I was good. 

I thought, "If I'm good in a simple teen trial my gosh how much better would I be with training and schooling? As a real attorney?"

Cocky much. Yes. 

But, here I sit today as an infant photographer, single mom, and active Jesus chaser. I blog and sing more than I breathe, I am nothing close to an attorney.

But the other day I photographed a couple with both parents being prominent attorney's in the city where I work. Both were requested by name I'm sure; and both felt very unfulfilled in their jobs. They even commented to me on how "blessed I was" to NOT be an attorney. 

I just stopped. They both shared on how they can financially give their now two kids anything they would ever desire but that they barely see them. I'm sure now they feel completely stuck in their lifestyle, their career choices, because of the life style they've chosen in the past. 

All these years I've sit on the stone of failure. I've sat, burning, in my own opinion that I had failed at life, and at something great, because I hadn't finished school and become an attorney. 

What I failed to see (no pun intended), early, was that God, in all these years, was protecting me from something that He 1. had never meant for me and 2. knew would bring my demise. What we might see as a failure may not be a failure at all, but a turn around sign from the Lord saying, "I've called you into greatness, YES, but not this. Not this path." 

I'm choosing today. To jump off that rock.

Journal Prompt:

What thought of failure have you lived in that you need to let go of? Was it really your own understanding, something you wanted? If you believe that the Lord was calling you, and you messed up, how can you fix it?


Father, today we realize that our own opinions of failure need readjusting. Lord we thank you for your ever understanding. For your protection in times when we believe we were meant to go down a certain path and actually where suppose to go the opposite direction. Thank you Lord for your reminders, your signs, your word through the mouths of those we love and trust. And help me today Lord. Help me to identify more quickly, and with much wisdom, when I am going in the wrong direction. 


Pray today and ask the Lord to give you a fresh look on your possible not failures. Reach out to one person and share your story, and post a picture to faceook or instagram and share a visual view of how you haven't failed but have actually walked into your destiny. 

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