About Me

Hi there. I'm Meg. An artist. Photographer. Single mom + deep thinker. I've been a writer since I could pick up a pen and a blogger since I was 12. I still blog on the very first place I've ever blogged.

I have three children. Kaidance 9, Sophia 5, Joseph 3.

I work hard. Play hard. I'm optimistic and wild. Free spirited and lover of all things espresso.

I am a full time business developer and photographer and I live in the Charlotte, NC area. NC is a beautiful state and it's currently a beautiful place to call home.

When I'm not working I enjoy running, working out, and spending time with my kids and family. I also love hiking, writing, reading, and art. I believe in art. I believe in it's ability to help people see the world from a new point of perspective.

Want to get to know me even further? Look at the few fun facts below and then get to reading. If you need me you can email me at

Fun Facts:

- I love wine. Red, white, blue. You name it
- B-Rated Movie lover, self proclaimed Netflix junkie
- Love nature and traveling
- Kissing is my absolute favorite
- Coffee addict
- Social media obsessed
- Love/hate scary movies (big movie buff, Denzel fan all the way)
- insomniac who desires no cure


  1. Yay! I'm excited you are blogging again :) I did not know you were thinking about a degree in Pastoral Care. Do you plan to be a Pastor or use it for something else (if you go that route)?

    1. Hollie,

      I would most likely be ordained as a Pastor but would focus on pastoral care counseling (with couples, families and young teens girls). I like being able to be ordained because if I ever counseled a couple before marriage I could have the option of marrying them, etc.

      A lot of prayer is still being sought though on what my ultimate goal is. Tony and I both feel very passionate about mentoring couples in the future so we probably will go into ministry as a couple eventually.

    2. I can't remember if we have discussed this before, so I apologize if we have :) What are you thoughts on the Biblical qualifications for Pastors being strictly for males? (1 Tim. 2:12-14 )

    3. I think we've discussed this in the past, but I am not agreeance with Pastors being strictly male. I think I'd put together an actual blog post on this in my faith section for those interested in knowing my faith standing on this. :)

      My Pastors wife is a Pastor and a big inspiration into me considering Pastoral Care. I look forward to expanding on that soon! :)

    4. That would be a great blog post. I look forward to your explanation of the verse I cited :)