Dance in the Rain

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last week there was a point in the day where it rained. When I say rained too I don't mean drizzle. It came down hard. It was just a bleak type of day all day that day. I was feeling lazy, unmotivated, lacking. I was some what down thinking about something from my past that was nagging at me. It was something I've forgiven someone for but the pain is still quite fresh for me.

As I sat in the still of this rain I took note of the way the earth and nature responded to it. While the rain pounded to the ground the trees, flowers, plants all lifted themselves to the sky. I'm sure the rain hurt, right? These drops were not light or misty, they were hard and coming down fast. Why would anything reach for something that could potentially cause it pain?

Perhaps these living beings knew something I didn't? Maybe they were more courageous than I?  I was reminded of how at times in our lives God uses painful situations, even tragedy, to draw us closer to Him. Not that He is always the cause because we are still sinful humans and make mistakes, but with anything God can turn it into good for those who love them, right?

Right. I truly believe these plants were dancing n the rain. They understood that if they allowed themselves to be soaked on, rained on, even feeling slight pain, that in the end when the rain stopped they would be refreshed. Filled. Satisfied. Why? Because they were created to TRUST that their maker knew what He was doing (and He does) and that this pain and this moment would raise them and grow them.

Literally as I sat there staring out my window the rain began to slow and the clouds began to move away. The sun came out and all was "normal" and sunny again. The plants now filled to the brim seem to take a "normal" stance.

Lets remember this important message today. Even though this season in your life might be challenging you (those plants can't get up and walk away), making you uncomfortable, or even causing pain - don't walk away. Don't give up. Reach towards the sky. Embrace the rain and dance in it. When it's over, I promise you will be filled.



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