Positioned to Lift

Saturday, November 15, 2014

These past few weeks have been tremendously challenging. The studies, the words, the songs; nothing has been said that hasn't spoken directly to my spirit. God's used people and things to clarify a lot of things in my life and today He used the movie, Avatar. He used it to show me that I am positioned to lift.

What a humbling moment. You see my friends; I always knew that I was a natural born leader. I know that God has tremendous plans for my life. What is so incredible to know now is that in this very season God positioned me to lift those who are called before me. We all have a role; some of us walk ahead at times, while others follow closely behind. In this season I know God is calling me to lift.

It's beautiful to be a lifter. I get to see people around me step into the anointing and calling God has for them all while remaining in my own calling. Being positioned to lift doesn't mean you aren't a leader either. It just means that you are a different kind of leader. It takes being humble and self-sacrificing to lift others to higher positions around you; because that's whats necessary at times. To know and remember that it's not all about you. 

So back to Avatar; what an incredible movie first off. Kuddos to James for his incredible art. This movie is extremely spiritual in a lot of really good and God ways. I watched this movie today after an extremely intense night (of no sleep).

I realized while watching it that Jake Sully (the main avatar) was created to be a leader. He was called. You may be called. He was called to help and lead the people to freedom from their captives. He also was a native, so not only was he inexperienced and uneducated, he was probably the least likely to be thought the one that would lead them away.

Then enters Neytiri. Neytiri is the daughter of the king basically. She's set to be betrothed to another man and runs into Jake while out in the forest. She is strong in the culture because she is a native.

She realizes though that there is something extremely unique about Jake. Before she gets the chance to kill him (her plans originally) the god they serve stops her. Jake just wanted one thing his entire life. He says, "All I ever wanted was just one thing worth fighting for." As he began to learn this culture and their people he realized how worthy they were worth fighting for. But he couldn't do it alone.

This is where his relationship with Neytiri is crucial. You see when he first met Neytiri she as of a higher position. She walked before him. She taught him the peoples ways, she encouraged his will to learn and encouraged his position. Said best in Jake's own words, "Sometimes your entire life boils down to one insane move," and oh my friends was he getting ready to move. Neytiri taught him everything he needed to know to be successful.

Once he had learned the basics and became one of them the real action happened. Neytiri began to step back. You can see by her behavior and language towards him. While she as once strong hearted and tough on him she became more tender. She had to let him start walking in front.

Neytiri falls in love with Jake. She has his back at all costs. But then devastation hits and she feels as though Jake has betrayed her. In her fear and in her emotion she pushes him away. (Gosh what a beautiful love story!). Jake though, Jake comes back.

When he finally rides back in on the toughest dragon in the sky he walks boldly into the crowd of her people and stands before her. He whispers, "I see you." And she whispers, "I see you." You see, they saw more than just the physical nature of one another. They were utterly aware of each others spirits. They could see past the flesh and into the potential.

Neytiri admits, "I've been so afraid and fearful Jake. But I'm not afraid anymore." And he says to her, "We fight."

Sometimes, friends, we are put into a season of lifting. These seasons, truly, come and go. There will be Jake Sully's that are just meant to go ahead and lead the way. But then there are Neytiri's who are lifting the Jake's. Both are crucial and important. Jake would never have realized his value and true strength if he had not been taught by Neytiri.

I need someone to hear today that it's OK to be positioned to lift. What an incredibly humbling experience to know that someone was growing and being seasoned because God was using you? Yes, they will surpass you, yes, they will be above you, but God will move you when that time is right.

I say this in a moment where I'm sleep deprived and emotionally charged. God is breaking me lately, like a boot camp instructor would break his marine. We have to step into our proper positions in order for God's will to become life. We have to recharge, regroup, understand. God will never put you in a position of authority if you first cannot learn to lift. If you cannot be genuinely and joyfully happy that someone has grown; you have no place in authority. Growth is not easy and so while you are lifting, pray. You will be filled while you are lifting.

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