Off Days

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I was going to be working on a Christmas themed blog post today. You know, the consumerism sucks type posts. But I'm not. I'm not going to right now because I want to be honest about my day.

Today was an off day. It was filled with too many incidents of me warming up the same cup of coffee a thousand times. I watched too much How I met your mother and was truly tired. My spouse and I had a spat the night before, my almost six-month-old baby didn't want to sleep at.all and my other two woke up earlier than normal ready to eat and go about their day. I just wanted to lay on the couch, all day. 

So, in some ways I did do that. I lazied around and didn't do some of the things I knew I needed too. After an amazing day yesterday I thought my week was set. I have so many fun things planned, this is the week we celebrate Christmas and I was determined to get in the Christmasy spirit!

You see the devil works in the day to day situations. Don't be fooled, he does. There were times where he was trying to manipulate my mind into making me think, So and so doesn't love you because they weren't there for you back then, or even your so lazy. You should be up cleaning and dressed and have your make up done. 

The devil is not as crafty as you think. In fact, he's dumb. He uses the same tactics over and over on us and yet we fall for it many times. I knew what he was doing today. He was trying to bring me down. He was trying to steal the joy that I so specifically stated I received just two days ago. He uses lies and manipulation (two of his best traits) and the past to try and wreck our days. Nothing big has to happen for the devil to attack. In fact, in most attacks it's so subtle you don't see the wound until someone else points out that you are bleeding!

Then, oh then, I pulled out a little tiny card from my dear "You are" jar that my mentor gave me for my birthday. It's a jar that has 26 little slips of paper in it and I pull one out each day and carry it around as a reminder of who I am to Christ, to my family, to her, and to others. Today I pulled out the card that said:


Not only did it just say that but it included Psalm 36:5 that reads "Your mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds."

How comforting. Not only does God love me but He has faith in me. He has faith that I can overcome through Christ the negative thoughts the devil is trying to put in my head. Not just that but He gives me mercy for the times when I do have off days. It's OK. I accepted in that moment that the Lord was given me mercy to relax. That I needed to, again, be reminded of the mercy I should be sharing, FREELY, with those around me. That I needed to put my faith in His sincere and completely truthful promises. I told that devil to be quiet (literally, out loud) and then rested in His peace.

So, yeah, I admit, I watched too much How I met your mother and yes, I had to re-heat my cup of coffee a jillion times, but you know what? I still have joy. I'm loved. And tomorrow is a new day.

Be blessed (and try to drink your coffee hot),


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