Dedication to the Lord

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dedication is very special to my heart. All of my children have been and will be (if we have more) dedicated to the Lord. We are non-denominational and do not believe in baptising an infant. Baptism is a choice by someone who has already made Christ their savior. Baptism is an outward symbol that shows, "I have made this choice personally to die to self and follow Christ."

In all reality, dedicating a child to Christ weighs more responsibility on the parent/s then anyone else (including the child).

In 1 Samuel 1 we see the story of Hannah. Hannah had a closed womb. Her "sisterwife" (Hannah's husband had two wives) Peninnah did have children though and taunted Hannah literally into tears. This story is all full of disrespect and a bit of humor (at what Elkanah says to Hannah, claiming that he should be enough to suffice her instead of a son). Overall, Hannah wanted a son. Even though her husband thought that he should be enough I can relate and say that the love for a son is entirely different than a love for a husband.

God grants Hannah's prayer (take THAT Peninnah, ha ha) and Hannah did what she said she was going to do and gave Samuel back to the Lord (1 Samuel 1:19-27). Back in that day Hannah actually brought Samuel to Eli to live with him. What a sacrifice!

So we have chosen, as it is our belief, to give our children back to the Lord. We vow to raise them in God's word, in the church, and to pray for him daily (without ceasing).

Joseph's day of dedication was beyond special. My family came up and supported me and as much as my husband wanted to be there he was stuck on the train. It was still amazing and Joseph was so smiley and happy. A good friend, leader, and mentor prayed over him and the vow was made.

I, of course, cried like a blubbering baby. His birth, now his dedication, so many milestones already in such a short time. It is a peaceful reminder of all of the things we have to look forward to with this wonderful boy.

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  1. Sounds like it was beautiful and very joy-filled. Love the pictures :)