Thursday, August 6, 2015

I dream of a place where women can freely be accepting of themselves, their flaws and their strengths and using them both equally to better themselves, their family, and their communities. I believe that women have been battered and beaten in so many ways (even by themselves) and that many women, especially mothers, struggle with a sense of self-identity.

I believe in a place where we can arrive in a season in our life where we know who we are, the beloved of Jesus Christ, and where we can believe and hope for strong things for our future.

This is what the arrived challenge is about.                          
       It's not about arriving and staying. Long.

It's about arriving, celebrating, and then moving along so we can arrive again. 

Arriving should be constant. Moving.

There are many definitions for the word "arrive or arrived" the one that resonates the most with me is this:

arrived; verb:
reach a place at the end of a journey or a stage in a journey.
"We arrived at his house and knocked at the door."
synonyms: come, turn up, get here/there, make it, appear, enter, present oneself, come along

We are in a journey. A journey to arrive at a place or stage in our season of life that can be celebrated. As women; singles, mothers, wives, widows, sisters, best friends, lovers.....we can help each other arrive and celebrate together.

The 30-day arrived challenge is just that. It's a celebration of each different parts of our lives; family, love, sex, singleness, JESUS. We will take the challenge and walk hand in hand and with each day we will complete little challenges { ie: drink 9 glasses of water today and photograph it and post it to share! } pray for one another, and complete the FREE downloadable devotional that goes along with it. In the devotional we will talk about the in-laws, babies, sex, health, Jesus, scriptures, name it, we have it covered.

It's time ladies that we refresh together. Journey together. Allow the Lord to quench our thirst for Him, community, and genuine female relationship; we will no longer be dry bones but a deep fiery well of water.

At the end of this journey I'm offering a girls night out. We will all get dinner together, talk about what we learned, then hit the town for an ARRIVED women's photo shoot; complimentary of myself.

Are you in? Take the challenge. Let me know you've joined by following the journey on my facebook, Meg Bailey, or follow us on instagram @arrivedchallenge.

His presence is sweet,

Meg Bailey 

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