Reflection { 2 0 1 4 }

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2 0 1 4. 

It's done. I'm so thankful. Quite frankly I had a good year in some respect but in other areas it was probably one of the worst. 

Every time the new year approaches I always tell people, "This is it. This is my year. It's going to be great! Fantastic! Unlike any other year I've ever experienced."
Ha, there is some truth to that. Every year is not like any other. I experience new things; new pain; new growth. But to go into a year claiming it as the best is a bit unrealistic. 

We don't know how the year is going to go; ever. We can only approach the New Year with a heart of thanksgiving and with the prayerful hope that our relationship with God will improve and be better. Because some years I think it's going to be the best and it turns out the worst. And others I think are going to be crappy and they are good. 

Here's a reflection in photographs (photos will be below each reflection). Good times, the bad, you name it. 

January - March

  Snow, birthdays, and new training. I had the opportunity to be a part of a series called L7 where I got to work with young people and trained them to serve in God's house. There were lots of baby snuggles with Joseph, kisses, and time with siblings. 

April - June 
Lots of growth spiritually. To be honest my marriage was having lots of difficulties and pushing through that and learning to grow through that was hard. 

But I also had a lot of great moments. Took the kids on my first singular vacation to Myrtle Beach. We had a blast. My best friend came down the second day and we just enjoyed the beach and hung out. I also met new people, and started my photography business. 

My favorite quote of that time was the one below "take into account that great love & great achievements involve great risk." Still is proving true in this new season I'm in.

July - September 

What a few beautiful months these were. Things were really tough in my marriage and getting worse but my relationship with Jesus was getting better. I was pushing more into Him and got a thirst for His word like I've never gotten before. 

I also celebrated my favorite holiday; Fourth of July. It was just me and my two youngest (Joseph and Sophia) and I walked 4 miles from a parking garage in uptown to see fireworks. Sadly both the kids fell asleep so I walked them back the four miles one on my shoulder and one in the stroller. 

I got to visit the beach, old friends, and my baby girl started first grade (and my teenager 11th grade!). 

I also joined a bible group called Multiply, lead by one of my closest friends Danny. This group has been life changing. 

October - December

October through December have both been the most challenging and most fulfilling. Tony moved out and our legal separation began. My son had surgery (which was both terrifying and good). I ran my second 5K; alone. 

It was a time and season where I realized that I didn't need others to encourage me to do things and to get things done. Jesus became my solid everything.

I also was freed from a fleshly soul tie on October 29th. Literally while riding from work. I've grown close to people; lost some; but ultimately my relationship with Jesus is the strongest it's ever been. His grace and restoration has abounded beyond what I can imagine in my life. 

{ 2 0 1 5 }

I'm ready.
I don't know what is all to come.
I do know that my greatest goal is to continue growing closer to Jesus. 

This is what it's all about.

Pursuing Him. 

Happy New Year.

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