Monday, November 24, 2014

2015, it's coming. I'm ready! Are you? It's good to be ready. Especially when something big is coming, and you see, I know something big is coming in 2015. It's already getting ready to birth full force. The labor, is tough, it's painful; but the baby is coming and the reward will be great.

Every year, before the new year, God gives me a song and words to lean on. Today it gave me my song. I have heard this song a thousand times but today the Holy Spirit came over me and I knew that this was it.

Lets take a listen....

You see. 2015 is going to be different. I'm going to be different. I am already different. It's time to go to new heights and live life relentlessly for Him { one of my words of 2015! Relentless! }.

You see the word relentless is a serious pursuant word. When you're relentless about something, you mean business. You're not stopping until you get what you want, and you're not taking "no" for an answer. People might try to steer you from your goal, but you have eyes only for the prize and they're just going to have to get out of your way.

I'm fixed. My eyes { getting into the song here } are on Him and this thing that's coming. I don't know what it is, but I feel it in my spirit, my soul. It's coming!

This song and my main word, Relentless seem to go hand in hand. So. I'm going to live this chorus out like a promise and goal for the year.

Love like I'm not scared. 

Sometimes I am. I'm a deep lover. A passionate lover. I go all in, whatever I do. And sometimes people don't do that back and it hurts. But I should love regardless. And love like I'm not scared that they will hurt me.

Give when it's not fair. 

Someone mentioned to me several weeks ago that they try and give, love, gift to people without expecting nothing in return. Truly giving because you want to and not out of feeling like you have to. Giving when it's not fair.

Live life for another, take time for a brother.

Self explanatory. I'm going to live for Jesus. Others. Not myself.

Fight for the weak ones, speak out for freedom. 

Too often we don't do this. Sometimes we need to speak up for the weak and the ones who have no voice. We need to speak out for freedom and truth! We cannot stand by when we can do something.

Find faith in the battle, stand tall. 

Yes. I'm going to stand tall and find faith in my current battle, and in every battle after this.

In the last part of the second verse they say "It takes a solider who knows his orders to walk the walk I'm supposed to walk." YES. I'm a solider. I've seen clearly my orders and even though it may be difficult because I may be the only one going this direction, that's OK. My orders are clear and I'm going to keep forward.

My other words are patience and hope. He has given me these two words for this current season. Who knows how long it will last. It may be a while or it may be for a few months.

2015 will be here before you know it. I'm gearing up; I'm preparing myself for the birth of something new. How are you getting ready?

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