New Season

Sunday, October 19, 2014

God's timing is always perfect.

No. Really. It is.

For the last three years I've poured my entire ministry devotion into the kids ministry at my local church. Serving pretty much every weekend to the kids in some sort of fashion. I know this is what God was calling me into and what He was telling me to do. Those kids taught me more about God, myself, and confidence then anyone or anything I've ever done. They loved me with a pure Christ like love that I have never experienced before serving them.

But God has called me away and I've stepped down from my position in Leadership at FHKids as well as moved away from serving in FHKids It's time for something new.

What is this newness? What is God asking of me?

Just as we are entering into the start of Autumn and things around us will begin to die and fall off (God prunes nature throughout the seasons) God is bringing me into the exact same season. He is pruning me. Some of this means a shift in relationships (letting go of some or setting boundaries in others), He's calling me to step out and do things I didn't think I'd do for a long time (getting a part-time job working outside of my business and home)...

So many pieces that God is shifting. It can be painful. 

But I wanted you to hear this from me. This is good for me. This is a good season. And while pruning hurts I am going to come out in the Spring time after these next few months stronger, bolder, and more refreshed than ever. 

I love the fact that Autumn is such a beautiful and colorful season too. I love how right before everything dies in Winter and becomes so bare it SCREAMS life. What is more colorful than bright red, orange, and yellow leaves? It says, "Look at me!" It's as though God is saying, "LOOK AT ME!" Sometimes our focus is so much on what we are doing and not the person we should be doing it for (this can be for anyone not just our walk with the Lord) that we miss why we are doing what we are doing. I'm taking my focus more off of the what and focusing on the who.

God knows my heart well because while He's pulled me away from serving in kids ministry He hasn't pulled me away from serving entirely. To be honest I believe that would be unbiblical. We are to be servants all the time; in our families, in our communities, even in our church.

I'm moving more towards community service and delivering God's great love and what He's done in my life to those who are far less fortunate. It starts with my birthday charity project and will just extend from there. I also have chosen not to serve as much. My community projects will take up less time giving me the opportunity to focus on my children, my work, and my walk. I feel excited. I know that God doesn't ever just put us through a difficult and challenging season without using that for His glory.

So while I won't see your kiddos every weekend know that I will continue to pray for them daily and weekly like I did before. God has given me a fresh and clear vision of this next year and I'm extremely excited to see where He brings me within this colorful season.

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