January Fast

Thursday, January 30, 2014

One more day until traveling man and I finish our first fast of the year; fasting pizza and desserts. We both have learned a crazy amount in this first month already. Let's chat.


For those who may not know why we chose these two particular items well 1. we wanted to fast something challenging. Desserts and Pizza are literally two things we consumed almost daily (desserts were daily!). We were using these foods as comfort items and celebration items instead of diligently going to our heavenly Father when we needed complete comfort or when we were joy filled. It was time for a serious cut off from both of them. 

Not to mention, traveling man and I have not gone more than five days without pizza. Ever. Since we've been together. That is so sad to admit. 

Fasting is hard. It's not easy but as we go into our new fast for February which starts Saturday we are more prepared, equipped and educated. Fasting is not meant to be easy. It's meant to be sacrificial. We wanted to share a few pieces of what we learned and hope it will be encouraging to you on your next fast.

1. It's OK to alter your fast, for medical needs, but not just because it's hard. 

Ok. So first. We did have a "cheat" day. Our 2nd year wedding anniversary was January 20th and before even starting our fast when we prayed about the things we would be fasting in 2014 we felt a peace about having a dessert that day. However, there were other times where we wanted to adjust our fast just because it was hard. 

We do Sweet Frog Friday's with our kids every Friday. It's just something we've developed that we love and there was a time during this past month that I told traveling man I want to eat this so bad, it's good for the kids too right? Because we're doing it as a family? "Soon," He said. He reminded me that this moment of sacrifice, of obedience, is far sweeter than a small cup of frozen yogurt/dessert. 

There were also birthday parties that tempted us because they too were special events, but we didn't cave. Fasting is not meant to be easy. Would it mean it anything if I gave up something I normally didn't do often? No. I want to show my King that I'm serious. 

2. Not everyone has to or needs to fast the same thing. Ask God what you need to fast. 

The neat thing about our fasts of the year is that this first one fell in line with our churches fast. I loved talking to people and hearing all the different things people were giving up. I heard everything from french fries, to cheese, to video games, and fear. Fasting looks different for everyone. Your season is not the same as mine, your level may not be the same as mine, thus your fast will not be the same as mine. 

Traveling man and I agreed on our fasts because we are one. We want to support each other and are praying for very specific things during each of our monthly fasts. You will notice though in my blogs throughout the year that while our fasts may be similar they can be different. A great example is February. In a quiet time earlier this week God clearly asked me to fast TV time in February at night and then limit my online time to very specific times throughout the day, but God did not direct this at traveling man (he doesn't struggle in this area as heavily as I do). 

3. Pray, pray, pray. Fill yourself with the Word.

I cannot express the importance of prayer during any fast. Be real. Have an accountability partner during the time you fast (if you are married, your spouse) so that you can be vulnerable and real with them when you are struggling. If you are not replacing that fasting item with prayer and scripture reading you are defeating the purpose of a fast which is to relentlessly pursue Christ and grow closer to Him. 

Traveling man and I grew much deeper in prayer this month because we started praying together regularly. There were times when we just needed to pray because our sugar craving was so strong. Thankfully a month later we don't crave it nearly as much because God used this time to heal our addiction and teach us self-control.

Don't be so concerned of the "rules" of fasting. Know this, God will tell you what you need to fast if you just ask. It's meant to be a break from something to give you time to work on your relationship with Him. It's a time to be cleansed. A time to grow. 

We are headed into February and it's going to be tough. I do a lot of outings with friends and ministry and we normally meet at restaurants but now I'm going to have to stick to coffee and water (the two things I'm allotted in February). 

The pizza from Due Amici's is going to have to wait until.....March. o_O

Be Blessed Friends!

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