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Monday, December 2, 2013

The saying, "You discover yourself and your purpose in your serve," has never been more true for someone today than it is for me. Since I began serving at Freedom House in 2012 my entire life has changed. I realized how important it is to make life more than just about me To reach out to those who need help, to wipe a tear away, and to spread hope. 

These past few weeks God has been speaking to me heavily through my serve. From a young age I knew I was going to be a missionary. As a young girl I wanted to be the female version of John the Baptist (not kidding). I always had big visions of traveling to other countries and preaching God's good word. I do still feel a call to that just not full time. I continued to pray all these years and continued to ask God, "How can I strip myself of ME and become more like YOU? How does being a missionary play out in my life?"

It is through serving that I believe God is revealing my destiny. God has gifted and granted me one of the most amazing abilities. This is to speak to others and relay a compassion for the hurting. I have a heart for the hurting. When they hurt, I hurt. When they want, I want for them. I don't want to see them suffering any longer. There are times when I am asking for a donation or speaking about a cause that I don't even remember all that I've said. I just know that God has already worked on that person or business's heart because they can rarely hold back tears or their generosity. They get it. They get that it takes community.

It is through tears, my sweet friends, that I believe I know what God is saying to me. Not only am I to continue in Kids Ministry but God is calling me to be an inner city missionary. One who is NOT ashamed to go above, beyond, and outside of her comfort zone to ask people to step up and help their community. There ARE resources out there. We just need to use them. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to use us and to be sensitive to our communities and those in it. Miracles don't have to just be seen overseas they can be seen right here in our homes and in our local churches.

I used to be an extremely selfish and mean spirited person. I used to only think of my wants, my desires, and what could please Meg. God has and is removing those dust mites from my spirit. When I get into moments of selfishness it's like God instantly shows me in the physical or in the spirit how much more important it is to be selfless and show God's love and kindness. Your generosity, friends, can change an entire world. It doesn't have to start or end with one particular event. It can be a lifestyle lived. 

Will you join me in this cause? Will you be willing to say "YES!" to serving YOUR city? Or in helping me serve mine?

My first big non-profit project in 2014 is donations for the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte. Monthly I will post blog posts, events, and all kinds of information on the Ronald McDonald House and ways YOU can donate. You can give. Simple things. 

For January I am collecting:

- Women's feminine pads (all sizes including lights)
- Free and Clear Laundry detergent (high efficiency) 

These items are easy to obtain. If you are in another state don't fret if you want to give. We are collecting donations for Walmart and Target to do a big purchase the last week of January. We are also ALWAYS looking for a group to go and help bring the items the first week of the new month. 

God wants to use you. He can use you if you allow Him. What a simple way of giving back. I hope to fill my life with plenty of opportunities to give (not just monetary but of my time too). Will you step up and serve?

If you are interested in donating please note that I can pick up items at any location in Charlotte. Please contact me directly for more information or to drop off. or (910) 554-2181. We also have an event page for January's donation on Facebook at: Ronald McDonald Charity - January.

Most importantly don't forget to pass this along!



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